The Program

Wieden+Kennedy London wants to meet the next generation of creative thinkers across the UK. We don’t care what school you went to, what your maths GCSE was, where your dad works: we just want to see how you think.

When the world came crashing down we decided to not let The Kennedys go down with it.

This year’s program will be a 10-week crash course in creativity…virtually. That’s right. You don’t even have to get dressed, brush your teeth, get on a bus then a packed tube then the Shoreditch obstacle course to join us. You don’t even have to leave your house (although fresh air is always good).

During our 10-week free  online crash course you will learn how to present yourself, take lessons in writing, try your hand at graphic design, dazzle us with a film and so much more. 

All to help you realise your creative ideas.

And you’ll do it by learning from some of the best in the creative industries: taking on workshops and tutorials while working on briefs that will build a real portfolio of your work.

No experience required. In fact, we prefer you don’t. NO AD SCHOOL IS A MUST!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we can’t pay you this year but we hope to make it worth your while. You’ll leave with a mentor, a creative portfolio to help you knock down doors, levelled up skills and 7 other people to break out into the world with. We’ll also set each Kennedy up with a SqaureSpace site for one year.

Oh…. and the pride in saying that while the world knocked us off our feet, you embraced the shake.

Sessions will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 1.5h-2h starting between 9:30am and 10:30am.

Who is Dave Kennedy?

David is the Kennedy in Wieden+Kennedy. When he and his partner Dan founded this agency they had no idea what they were doing. This has been a recurring theme at W+K ever since. What they’ve discovered is that being fearless, a little clueless and having an imagination is the secret sauce to making amazing work.

David knows for a fact that creativity comes from everywhere, he grew up on an oil field and his father was a driller. He calls himself “third generation oil-field trash”.

Kennedy also told us to “go forth and do the unexpected” – That’s where you come in…

Key Dates

  • Applications 25th September 2020
  • Program 12th October 2020
  • Duration 10 Weeks

How to Apply

Complete BOTH of the following tasks in whatever way you like:

  1. Using only your phone, show us how 2020 doesn’t suck
  2. Show us the best thing you’ve ever made (no banana bread)

HINT. BE CREATIVE. Don’t hold back in your submissions and complete each question in any way you see fit. This  is your opportunity to show us how you think and express your ideas. Ex. (and not limited to) films (no more than 3 minutes), collage, photography, writing, drawing, video games, etc.

When you’re ready to submit, click “Apply now” at the top of the site or on the drop down menu. Alternatively, email your application to

Please be sure to include your name, email and phone number.

We can accept all common file formats.

You will hear back from us by 1st October 2020 if you’ve made it to the interview round.

If you have, we’ll call you for a short chat so we can get to know you a little better. You’ll know if you’re in our final 8 by 1st October 2020. 





Ayo Fagbemi


Jeng Au


Olivia Ema

Multidisciplinary creative + photographer

Sofija Vujanic


Anairin Kaines

Joe Meadows


Nate Agbetu



Donya Pandkhahi

Art Director / Copywriter

Abbey Monteiro

Creative / Art Director

Richie Babalola


Aleah Scott


Renaldo Otoo


Sammy Watts-Stanfield


Twenty Nineteen

Farihah Chowdhury


Solomon Bednall-Greaves


Jade Nash

Video Editor

Mal Vaja


Mark Omotobora

Visual Artist

Emma Parkinson

Creative + Filmmaker

Mina Owen

Designer + Animator

25th September 2020, 11:59pm.
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