We’re inviting 8 fresh creative minds to join us for The Kennedys 2024. 

You will attend workshops and tutorials delivered by the best in the business while working on exciting briefs. And you’ll leave Kennadise with a real advertising portfolio of your work that will ease you gently into life as a full-time human advertising creative.

This crash course will run for 5 bountiful months from 22nd January 2024 at our London office, 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday. 

You’ll even be paid London Living Wage while we train you up – literally the opposite to uni. 

Are you ready to expand the limits of your imagination?

If so,for your place on #Kennadise island.

CVs are for losers, we don’t care what GCSEs you got, if you went to uni or not, where your dad works or even what you look like. We just want to see how you think and that you’re ready to drop what you are doing to transform your pure, beautiful creativity into a career as a full-fledged advertising creative. 

This course is meant to remove barriers of entry to the industry, so unfortunately we do not accept applicants who have been through ad school or with previous full-time advertising experience.

To be eligible you must be able to: legally work in the UK (read: we do not provide working visas for this program), attend the course in-person at our Shoreditch office, complete ALL THREE of the application questions and be available on Monday 19th December 9:30am to 6:00pm to attend an assessment day in our office if you’ve been shortlisted.

Our agency, Kennadise Island (aka The Kennedys), are all named after founding partner David Kennedy.

When he and his partner Dan started this agency back in 1982, they had no idea what they were doing. This has been a recurring theme at W+K ever since. 

What they discovered was that being fearless, a little clueless and having an imagination is the secret sauce to making amazing work.

David knew for a fact that creativity comes from everywhere, he grew up on an oil field and his father was a driller. He calls himself “third generation oil-field trash”. 

David sadly passed away last year, but his vision for the future of creativity and advertising lives on.

He told us to “go forth and do the unexpected” – That’s where you come in…










Program Coordinator

Applications close:
5th December 2023 at 11:59pm

Assessment day (in person)
for shortlisted applicants:
19th DECEMBER 2023

Program Starts:
22nd JANUARY 2024

Program Duration:

In order to be considered for a spot on the island, applicants must answer all three of the following questions in the most creative way possible:


Find a problem in your life and solve it in an interesting way.

Write an honest review of your last Insta post.

Tell / show us why AI won’t take your job.

HINT. BE CREATIVE. Don’t hold back in your submissions and complete each question in any way you see fit. This is your opportunity to show us how you think and express your ideas. E.g. (and not limited to): photography, films (no more than 3 minutes), collage, writing, drawing, video games, etc.

When you’re ready to submit, click .This will direct you to a Google Form. If you have any issues or questions, please email thekennedys.admins.london@wk.com
We can accept all common file formats but please be mindful of your file size, if possible.

Some common issues:

- If you need to send your files via wetransfer, please indicate this on your Google Form as well as sending it across via the aforementioned email address. If you can, please make the link available for more than 7 days.

- Please give us access in your sharing settings. It can get tricky for us to chase applicants for this.

You will hear back from us by 12th December 2023 if you’ve made it to the assessment day taking place on 19th December 2023.

You’ll know if you’re in our final 8 by 21st December 2023.

Applications close 5th December 2023 at 11:59pm.


Kennadise is not a real island.
It is a creative advertising course at Wieden + Kennedy London in Shoreditch.