Our agency, Kennadise Island (aka The Kennedys), are all named after founding partner David Kennedy.

When he and his partner Dan started this agency back in 1982, they had no idea what they were doing. This has been a recurring theme at W+K ever since. 

What they discovered was that being fearless, a little clueless and having an imagination is the secret sauce to making amazing work.

David knew for a fact that creativity comes from everywhere, he grew up on an oil field and his father was a driller. He calls himself “third generation oil-field trash”. 

David sadly passed away last year, but his vision for the future of creativity and advertising lives on.

He told us to “go forth and do the unexpected” – That’s where you come in…

Kennadise is not a real island.
It is a creative advertising course at Wieden + Kennedy London in Shoreditch.