CVs are for losers, we don’t care what GCSEs you got, if you went to uni or not, where your dad works or even what you look like. We just want to see how you think and that you’re ready to drop what you are doing to transform your pure, beautiful creativity into a career as a full-fledged advertising creative. 

This course is meant to remove barriers of entry to the industry, so unfortunately we do not accept applicants who have been through ad school or with previous full-time advertising experience.

To be eligible you must be able to: legally work in the UK (read: we do not provide working visas for this program), attend the course in-person at our Shoreditch office, complete ALL THREE of the application questions and be available on Monday 19th December 9:30am to 6:00pm to attend an assessment day in our office if you’ve been shortlisted.

Kennadise is not a real island.
It is a creative advertising course at Wieden + Kennedy London in Shoreditch.